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Policy Number: 3349-03-01
Effective Date: 06/01/2011
Updated: 08/22/2018
Responsible Department: Office of the VPAA
Applies To: Faculty

I. Department Chair:

  1. Serves as the Chief Academic and Executive Officer of an academic Department and reports to and serves at the pleasure of the College Dean;
  2. Has primary responsibility and authority to direct the overall operation of an academic Department within a College in accordance with the vision, mission and strategic plans of the College and the University;
  3. Is responsible for the development, operation and evaluation of the education, research, scholarship and service programs of the department;
  4. Assists in the development of annual goals and objectives, provides career counseling and mentoring and conducts annual evaluations of Department faculty to promote optimal professional development;
  5. Administers the Department budget and allocates space within the Department;
  6. Recommends appointments, reappointments, promotions and changes in faculty status, leaves and dismissals in accordance with these Bylaws.
  7. Department Chairs may establish subunits within the Department with the approval of the Dean.

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