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College of Pharmacy

Campus-Based Aid Program

Campus-Based Scholarships

Need-based and non-need based scholarships. Requires both student and parental information on the FAFSA unless the student qualifies for an exemption (please see the dependency status section on the eligibility webpage). 

Federal Financial Aid

Non-need based Federal loan program. Interest begins to accrue upon disbursement of funds. Interest rate is fixed at 6.21%. Borrowers may postpone payment of principal and interest during in-school period and for a 6-month grace period after graduation. Additional postponements based on eligibility. FAFSA required.


Non-need based Federal loan program.  Interest begins to accrue upon disbursement of funds.  Interest rate is fixed at 7.21%.  Borrowers may postpone payment while enrolled at least half-time.  Additional postponements based on eligibility.  Requires student to be credit-ready.

Federal Perkins Loan

Need-based Federal loan program. Interest is subsidized during medical school and for a 9 month grace period after graduation. 5% interest rate when repayment begins. Award amounts are determined by the financial aid office and are based on availability of funds. FAFSA and Campus-based Aid Application required.


Private Scholarships and Loans

Click here to see the full list of private scholarships and loans