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Office of Medical Assistance-Ohio Medicaid Continues to Support MEDTAPP Initiative to Increase Medical Professionals Trained Across the State

December 20, 2012 10:00 AM — FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE


The Office of Medical Assistance/Ohio Medicaid recently selected the second round of projects funded through the Medicaid Technical Assistance and Policy Program (MEDTAPP) Healthcare Access (HCA). The MEDTAPP HCA was designed to align with established, successful programs and leverage existing resources to attract, train, and retain health care practitioners to serve Medicaid beneficiaries in the following areas: child and adolescent psychiatry, community psychiatry with a geriatric and/or integrated behavioral health/primary care focus, pediatrics, family practice, advanced practice nursing, and dentistry.

In June 2012, 15 departments and programs from six of Ohio's medical schools and health sciences institutions of higher education, in conjunction with local clinics, nontraditional community-based practice sites, hospitals, mental health clinics, and other health care sites were selected to participate in the first round of the HCA Initiative.

Round two of the HCA Initiative began Oct. 1, 2012, and will include two additional Ohio medical schools—Ohio University and Northeast Ohio Medical University—and one additional health sciences institution—Cleveland State University. These three newly funded institutions’ HCA projects will foster training of approximately 600 additional medical professionals to better serve the Medicaid population. The Office of Medical Assistance anticipates more than $10 million in federal funds in state fiscal year 2013 to support the goals of this initiative.

Newly selected institutions and projects include:

  • Cleveland State University School of Nursing will partner with the School of Social Work and other community based entities to engage 50 health care experts serving the Ohio Medicaid population in interdisciplinary settings to mentor 50 upcoming Medicaid providers through a newly-designed mentor training project. This project will focus on better serving the Medicaid population in the Central neighborhood of Cleveland, one of the poorest and most disadvantaged communities in Ohio.
  • Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED) will collaborate with multiple Northeast Ohio health care and community partners to implement a series of integrated behavioral health and primary care training and retention programs for health care practitioners committed to serving the Medicaid population. NEOMED will also implement the Medicaid Health Home Technical Assistance and Consultation Team (TACT) to offer technical assistance and training to newly-established Medicaid Health Homes within community behavioral health agencies.
  • Ohio University is undertaking four projects with the goal of preparing health care professionals to better serve Ohio’s Medicaid population. The Interprofessional Health Teams Project contains two components of health care training to better equip professionals for their imminent practice with Ohio’s Medicaid population. The FNP + DNP = 1+1 year residency program is a project linking Master’s degree prepared nurse practitioners to a Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) residency through employment and training at federally qualified health centers and rural health clinics. The Primary Care Scholarship program incentivizes fourth year OU-HCOM medical students to choose residencies in primary care in Medicaid high needs areas. The Integrated Mind-Body and MEDTAPP Scholars program is a training curriculum that enhances Patient Centered Medical Home training provided to students and clinicians to teach self-care and trauma-informed care.

The Office of Medical Assistance has contracted with the Ohio Colleges of Medicine Government Resource Center to administer the MEDTAPP Healthcare Access Initiative. For more information, please visit