MEDCAMP Health-a-Thon

Preparing students for professional education

What if you have the key to unlocking the most impactful health issues of today? Imagine creating unique solutions that can really make a difference in your community.

What is a Health-a-Thon?

The idea comes from a model where an assembly of the most creative minds is directed into solving the most influential health problems of today. With support from various health care professionals, students immerse themselves for a set amount of time to develop real solutions to a health problem.

At the end of the experience, they will showcase their solution, through a developed project, to a panel of judges. Project winners will receive cash awards to implement their projects in their communities!

Eligibility & Application

Highly motivated students 18 years and older who have graduated from high school (2018 high school graduates and earlier) and enrolled in college, but not yet completed their undergraduate degree are eligible to apply.

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Program Overview

Participants spend 24 hours at NEOMED learning project management, research skills, interaction with subject matter experts and learning how to work as an interprofessional team.

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