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Welcome to Student Affairs


Welcome to the Office of Student Affairs at Northeast Ohio Medical University!

OUR MISSION is to facilitate student development, retention and success through professional and personal identity development, co-curricular learning opportunities and student advocacy to produce competent and caring health care professionals.

OUR FOCUS is to provide you with:


Student Affairs is structured to encourage and support students' continuous personal, professional and group growth and development as well as goal achievement by advocating and establishing a holistic approach to educating students. This includes fostering an environment that supports the student learning process and recognizes the value of the information curriculum and support services as learning experiences. The developmental nature of learning implies both a holistic and temporal perspective on the learning process, involving the development of an integrated sense of identity and identifying oneself as a future health professional. This must encompass all aspects of the educational experience.

Student Affairs advances student learning and contributes to a more powerful educational experience through:

  • Linking student learning opportunities, services and programs so that they can be accessed easily and build on one another, resulting in a robust learning environment
  • Creating and promoting innovative student life programs and experiences
  • Promoting a development of community, respect for others, and value of our unique differences and contributions
  • Helping students understand themselves and how they relate to others; developing values, attitudes and behaviors by students for their education and lifelong learning
  • Serving as a resource for students and faculty in improving life-long learning
  • Enforcing high standards of student behavior and the expectation that students be responsible for their own personal, professional and academic growth and development

For a list of current campus events see the Student Activities Calendar

Please explore this website for more information on our support and encouragement of student success in professional school and in the health professions!

If you need further assistance, please email us at or call the office of Student Affairs at 330.325.6735.