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Private Loans and Scholarships

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Abbott & Fenner

  • Eligibility: High school juniors and seniors, as well as all students registered in any accredited post secondary institution.
  • Deadline: June 10
  • Value: $1,000
  • Inquire:

Academy of Medicine Education Foundation

  • Eligibility: M3 and M4 students who are residents of Cuyahoga, Ashtabula, Geauga, Lake, Lorain, Portage or Summit counties.
  • Value: Varying
  • Deadline: January 31

Albert Strickler Memorial Fund

Alpha Omega Alpha Helen H. Glaser Student Essay Award

American Medical Association Arthur N. Wilson, MD, Memorial Scholarship

American Medical Association Minority Scholars Award

American Medical Association Physicians of Tomorrow Scholarship

American Medical Women's Association Medical Student Scholarship

  • Eligibility: must be AMWA Student Member
  • Value: Multiple scholarships, awards, grants available with varying values
  • Deadline: Varying deadline dates
  • Inquire:

    Association of American Indian Affairs scholarships for graduate students

    • Eligibility: Majority of the scholarships are for students from federally recognized tribes.  One scholarship is available for students enrolled in non-recognized tribes.  Students can only apply for one scholarship.
    • Value: Multiple scholarships with varying values.
    • Deadline: Scholarship season for the 2016-207 school year begins March 1, 2016.  Deadline is June 1, 2016. 
    • Inquire:

    Association of Indian Physicians of Northern Ohio Scholarship

    • Eligibility: 4th year medical student of Indian origin
    • Value: $1000
    • Deadline: September 28
    • Inquire: AIPNOA Administrative Office, 1627 Elbur Avenue, Lakewood, Ohio 44107 or (216) 228-1168

    Blancheola B. Bontrager Medical Scholarship

    • Eligibility: Resident of Wayne or Holmes County, Ohio, demonstrate a financial need
    • Submission: Application, 3 written character references, essay 
    • Value: Vary depending on trust income available and the number of applicants
    • Deadline: April 17
    • Inquire: Marina Bradaric - (216)222-9815 or Application and supporting documentation can be returned to: PNC Institutional Asset Management, Attention: Marina Bradaric, Mail Stop: B7-YB13-13-2, 1900 East 9th Street, 13th Floor, Cleveland, Ohio 44114

    Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. Medical Student Diversity Scholarship

    • Submission: Application, essay, and a certified, official copy of medical school transcript.
    • Eligibility: Recipient is a member of an ethnic, racial, or other minority or any individual who demonstrates a defined commitment to issues of diversity within their community; U.S. citizen currently attending an accredited medical school within the U.S.; Academic achievement and have completed at least one semester of classes.
    • Value: $2,000
    • Deadline: April 1
    • Inquire:

    Casper Student Loan Program

    • Submission: Application 
    • Eligibility: A GPA above 2.6, be a resident of Stark County, Ohio
    • Inquire: Stark Community Foundation

    Catching the Dream Scholarship

    Charles Lauffer Scholarship Fund

    • Eligibility: 3rd & 4th year medical students in good academic standing
    • Value: Interest rate loans at 2% per year, with payments beginning one year from graduation with entire principal balance due in ten years from graduation for medical students.
    • Deadline: June 30
    • Inquire: Maria I. Botelho, Bank of America at

      Charles River District Medical Society Scholarship

      • Submission: application, cv, personal goal statement, financial aid form, letter form financial aid counselor, statement of good standing
      • Eligibility: medical student with legal residency in Needham, Newton, Waltham, Wellesley, or Weston, MA
      • Deadline: Dec. 31 of Sophomore or Junior year
      • Inquire: Massachusetts Medical Society Northeast Regional Office, 860 Winter Street, Waltham, MA 02451-1411

        Chinese American Physicians Society Scholarship

        Community Foundation of Greater Lorain County Dr. A. L. Berman & Family Medical Scholarship

        • Submission: application, undergraduate & medical school transcripts, FAFSA, list of extracurricular activities, personal statement, tax returns, letters of recommendation
        • Eligibility: medical student, Lorain county resident
        • Deadline: March 1
        • Inquire:

        Community Foundation of Greater Lorain County Dr. Roy Hayes Scholarship

        • Submission: application, undergraduate & medical school transcripts, FAFSA, list of extracurricular activities, personal statement, letters of recommendation
        • Eligibility: medical student, Lorain County resident, demonstrates financial need
        • Deadline: March 1
        • Inquire:

        Community Foundation of Greater Lorain County Gabriel A. Sabga, MD, Medical Scholarship

        • Submission: application, undergraduate & medical school transcripts, FAFSA, list of extracurricular activities, personal statement, tax returns, letters of recommendation
        • Eligibility: medical student, Lorain County resident
        • Deadline: March 1
        • Inquire:

        Community Foundation of Greater Lorain County Mary J. and Paul J. Kopsch Scholarship

        • Submission: application, undergraduate & medical school transcripts, FAFSA, list of extracurricular activities, personal statement, letters of recommendation
        • Eligibility: medical student, Lorain County resident, demonstrates financial need
        • Value: $2500; renewable
        • Deadline: March 1
        • Inquire:

        Community Foundation for Muskegon County Scholarship

        • Eligibility: Muskegon County (MI), Oceana County, Mason county or Manistee County resident
        • Deadline: March 1
        • Inquire:

          Dr. Shoshanah Trachtenberg Frackman Essay

          • Submission: essay of 2500 words about physician-patient relationship
          • Value: $1000
          • Deadline: December 15th
          • Inquire: Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Department of Epidemiology and Social Medicine, 1300 Morris Park Avenue, Bronx, N.Y. 10461

          Gates Millennium Scholars Program

            Hancock County Scholarship

            • Eligibility: Graduated from a high school in Hancock County, have parents whose permanent home address is currently in Hancock County, will be in their first year of medical school in the Fall of the given year in which you are applying,
            • Value: $500
            • Deadline: June
            • Inquire:

              Health Legacy of Cleveland

              • Submission:  application, two letters of recommendation, undergraduate and medical school transcripts, financial need letter, essay
              • Eligibility: African-American, graduated from Greater Cleveland high school, intent to return to Greater Cleveland, medical student
              • Deadline: May 1
              • Inquire:

              Health Professions Program Indian Health Service

              Hillel Medical Scholarship Program

              Hispanic Scholarship Fund

              • Submission: application, personal statement, letter of recommendation, transcript, financial aid report, financial aid award letter
              • Eligibility: of Hispanic background, U.S. citizen
              • Inquire:

              Ida Foreman Fleisher Fund

              • Submission: application, FAFSA, letter of reference
              • Eligibility: female medical student of Jewish faith
              • Value: $2000 - $8000
              • Deadline: May 15th
              • Inquire: Jewish Foundation of Greater Philadelphia,

              Japanese American Citizens League Scholarship

              • Submission: application
              • Eligibility: JACL member
              • Value: $1000-$5000
              • Deadline: April 1
              • Inquire:

              Japanese Medical Society of America

              • Submission: application, essay, letter of recommendation, transcript, photo
              • Eligibility: medical student of Japanese descent
              • Inquire:

              Karman Healthcare Scholarship Fund

              • Submission: Application, essay, and transcript.
              • Eligibility: Open to all college and university students with a mobility disability who use a wheelchair, or other mobility devices on a regular basis; maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 (or equivalent).
              • Value: $500
              • Deadline: September
              • Inquire:

              Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Health Education and Research Trust, INC (LGBT HEART)

              • Submission: Application, references, CV, personal statement
              • Eligibility: Enrolled in health professions program, be an "out" member of the LGBT community, fin aid recipient, academic good standing, commitment and contribution to the health of LGBT community
              • Value: Up to $2,000
              • Deadline: June 30
              • Inquire:

                Lillian C. Hickman Medical Scholarship

                • Submission: Application and authorization and release form, proof of enrollment, high school and college transcript; wallet size photo.
                • Eligibility: Current Knox County residents
                • Deadline: March 1
                • Inquire:

                Lorain County Scholarship Foundation

                Mahoning County Medical Society Loan

                • Submission: application
                • Eligibility: third- or fourth-year medical student from Mahoning or Trumbull County
                • Deadline: June 30th
                • Value: $2000 - $5000 with interest at 1% lower than prime rate. Interest forgiven if recipient returns to Mahoning County to practice medicine.
                • Inquire: Mahoning County Medical Society, (330)533-4880 or at

                  Marion County Foundation's Marion Academy of Medicine Scholarship

                  • Submission: Application (obtained at website below), a copy of Student Aid Report, MCAT Scores, letter of recommendations
                  • Eligibility: A high school graduate of Marion County
                  • Deadline: March
                  • Inquire:

                  Medical Educational Foundation of the Academy of Medicine of Lima and Allen County, Ohio

                  • Submission: application
                  • Eligibility: physician with plans to practice in Allen County, Ohio
                  • Value: interest free loan for physician practicing in Allen County
                  • Inquire:

                  Myrtle Siegfried, M.D. and Michael Vigilante, M.D. Scholarship

                  • Eligibility: financial aid applicant, Pennsylvania resident, medical student
                  • Deadline: Sept. 30th
                  • Inquire:

                  National Federation of the Blind

                  • Submission: application, personal letter from applicant; two letters of recommendation; transcripts from graduate and undergraduate schools; proof of legal blindness
                  • Eligibility: legally blind; academic excellence; community service; financial need.
                  • Deadline: March 31
                  • Value: $3,000-$12,000
                  • Inquire:

                  National Italian American Foundation Scholarship

                  • Submission: Medical school acceptance letter, photograph, transcript, evidence of financial need
                  • Deadline: March 2
                  • Inquire:

                  National Medical Fellowship Need-Based Scholarship

                  • Submission: application, academic transcript, tax returns and verification of citizenship
                  • Eligibility: U.S. citizen, medical student
                  • Deadline: Aug. 31
                  • Inquire:

                  National Society Daughters of American Revolution Alice W. Rooke Scholarship

                  National Society Daughters of American Revolution Irene & Daisy MacGregor Memorial Scholarship

                    Nevada State Medical Association Scholarship

                    • Submission: application
                    • Eligibility: medical student who is legal resident of Nevada attending out-of-state medical school, demonstrate financial need
                    • Value: $3000 - $5000
                    • Deadline: July 15
                    • Inquire:

                    Parrett Foundation Scholarship

                    • Submission: application
                    • Eligibility: medical student from state of Washington
                    • Value: $900 - $2100
                    • Deadline: January 31
                    • Inquire: U.S. Bank National Association, Trustee,
                      Parrett Scholarship Foundation
                      1420 Fifth Ave., Suite 2100
                      Seattle, Wash. 98101-4085

                    Pisacano Scholars Leadership Program

                    • Submission: application, letter of recommendation, statement from Dean, recommendation from family practitioner, undergraduate & medical school transcripts, MCAT and USMLE scores
                    • Eligibility: 4th year medical students, commitment to family practice
                    • Value: $28,000
                    • Deadline: March 1
                    • Inquire:

                    Point Foundation LGBT Scholarship

                    • Submission: Online Application
                    • Eligibility: Academic Excellence, leadership skills, community involvement, financial need.
                    • Inquire:

                    Samaritan Hospital Medical Staff/Ashland County Physicians Medical School Scholarship

                    • Eligibility: Current or past resident with family domicile in Ashland County
                    • Submission: Essay - What are your career plans (include desired geographic location)? Desire to return to Ashland County is given extra consideration but not required.
                    • Value: $1,500 (2 awards); past recipients can reapply a maximum of 4 years
                    • Deadline: April 1st
                    • Inquire:

                    Samuel F. and Sara G. Feinman Fund

                    • Submission: application, FAFSA, letter of reference
                    • Eligibility: medical or law student of Jewish faith, preference to student from the tri-state area
                    • Value: interest free loan from $2000 - $5000
                    • Deadline: May 15th
                    • Inquire: Jewish Foundation of Greater Philadelphia,

                    Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara

                    • Submission: application
                    • Eligibility: full time medical student, graduated from Santa Barbara County high school (CA)
                    • Deadline: January 31
                    • Inquire:

                    Seth R. and Corrine H. Brooks Award

                    • Submission: application
                    • Eligibility: son or daughter of Beta Theta Pi member or alum
                    • Deadline: April 1
                    • Inquire:

                    Sierra Sacramento Valley Medical Society William Dochterman Scholarship

                    • Submission: application
                    • Eligibility: graduate of Sacramento or El Dorado high school, medical student, demonstrate financial need, academic excellence
                    • Deadline: July 1
                    • Inquire:

                    Sigma Chi Medical Scholarship

                      Sons of Italy National Leadership Grant

                      • Submission: application, transcript, test scores, activities list, essay, $30 processing fee, 2 letters of recommendation
                      • Eligibility: medical student of Italian descent
                      • Deadline: February 14
                      • Inquire:

                      Soroptimist International of Canton/Stark County's Virginia M. Wagner Educational Grant

                      Stark County Foundation

                      • Submission: Varies on award
                      • Eligibility: Resident of Stark County, OH, enrolled in Ohio School
                      • Deadline: Varies on award
                      • Inquiry:

                        Thermo Fisher Scientific Pierce Scholarship

                        • Submission: Application, undergraduate transcripts, graduate school transcripts, letters of recommendation, resume
                        • Eligibility: Must have received an undergraduate GPA of 3.0
                        • Deadline: December 29
                        • Inquire: 

                        Thomas Loeb, MD Scholarship

                        • Submission: Application, create a graphic on the subject of self-esteem
                        • Eligibility: Students with physical disabilities enrolled in an accredited college or medical school.  Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0
                        • Value: $1000 - $500
                        • Deadline: June 30
                        • Inquire:

                        Turkish-American Doctors Association of Midwest Scholarship

                        • Submission: Application, deans letter of academic good standing, letters of recommendation, personal statement, CV
                        • Eligibility: Turkish-American heritage or ancestry
                        • Deadline: December 15
                        • Inquire:

                          Tylenol Scholarship

                          • Submission: application, essay, college transcript
                          • Eligibility: undergraduate or graduate student pursuing health-related field
                          • Inquire:

                          UPMC Horizon Medical Staff Scholarship Fund

                          • Submission: Application, transcript, financial aid form, bio statement, photo, letters of recommendation.
                          • Eligibility: UPMC Service area
                          • Deadline: April
                          • Contact: Julie Anderson (724) 589-6224

                            Wagnalls Memorial Foundation

                            Wellsford and Milfred Clark Medical Memorial Scholarship

                            • Submission: Application, letters of recommendation, statement of financial support, written statement of career goals.
                            • Eligibility: Fourth year medical students, resident of Connecticut for five year, financial need, extracurricular interests and community service.
                            • Deadline: April.
                            • Inquire: WMA Executive Office - (860) 243-3977 

                            Westmoreland County Medical Society Student Loan Program

                            • Eligibility:  M3 and M4 Medical students who are present or past residents of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.
                            • Inquire: Westmoreland County Medical Society, 231 South Main Street, Suite 207, Greensburg, Pa. 1560;

                            Women in Medicine (WIM) Scholarship

                            Young Women's Mission E. Sue Miller Scholarship

                            • Eligibility: Second, third, or fourth year female medical student from Clark County, Ohio.
                            • Submission: Application, essays, personal statement, two letters of recommendation, and NEOMED transcript. 
                            • Inquire: Send completed applications to;Young Women's Misison,E. Sue Miller Scholarship Chair, Sue Allen, 707 Old Columbus Rd., Springfield, OH 45503.

                            Zelma Gray Scholarship Fund

                            • Eligibility: Resident of Guernsey County, OH.
                            • Submission: Application, proof of residency, MCAT scores, Student Aid Report, proof of enrollment/acceptance into accredited MD program.
                            • Inquire: