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Featured Alumni

Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED) alumni are prominent leaders in medicine, pharmacy and research throughout the country. Their NEOMED education has played an important role in igniting their passions within their selected health care profession. Read these alumni stories to learn more about what ignites the success of these outstanding alumni.

College of Graduate Studies Alumni Stories

College of Graduate Studies alumni are changing the future of health care and transforming the world through the power of education, research and scholarship. Learn how their experiences at NEOMED have ignited them to make a positive impact.

College of Medicine Alumni Stories

College of Medicine alumni are well-established close to home and across the nation in a variety of challenging specialties as well as much needed primary care positions. Learn more about their experiences at NEOMED and what ignites their success.

College of Pharmacy Alumni Stories

College of Pharmacy alumni are making their mark on the profession. Read these alumni stories and learn more about how their education at NEOMED ignited them.

Facebook Fans of the Month

Each month, we randomly select a fan of the official alumni Facebook page and share his/her story with you. Check the archived stories.