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William M. Chilian, Ph.D. Lab



Areas of Research:

Regulatory Mechanisms in the Coronary Microcirculation

Coronary Angiogenesis and Arteriogenesis Non-linear behavior of biological systems

Mechanosensitive Gene Expression and Signal Transduction Redox Regulation of Ion Channel Function

Chilian Lab Image 1

(Pictured L to R:  Molly Enrick, Sr. Research Asst., Anurag Jamaiyar, Graduate Student, Dr. Vahagn Ohanyan, Research Asst. Professor, Dr. William Chilian, Chair/Professor, Tatev Hakobyan, Sr. Laboratory Asst., Kyle Wright, Research Asst., and Dr. Liya Yin, Associate Professor)

Chilian Lab Image 2
(Pictured L to R:  Dr. Vahagn Ohanyan, Dr. Liya Yin, and Dr. William Chilian)

Chilian Lab Image 3
(Dr. Vahagn Ohanyan, Research Asst. Professor, Kyle Wright, Research Assistant, and Anurag Jamaiyar, Graduate Student)

(Molly Enrick, Sr. Research Assistant and Kyle Wright, Lab Assistant)

Chilian Lab Image 5 Upright
(Tatev Hakobyan, Sr. Lab Assistant)

Chilian Lab Image 8
(Dr. Liya Yin and Graduate Student Anurag Jamaiyar)

Chilian Lab Image 6