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Galazyuk Lab Publications

  • Galazyuk, A.V. White, K.R., Feng, A.S. (2004) Temporal dynamics of amplitude-tuning in the inferior colliculus of the little brown bat. In: Echolocation in Bats and Dolphins, J. Thomas, C. Moss, and M. Vater, eds. University of Chicago Press, Chicago. pp 136-140.
  • Galazyuk A.V., Volkov I.O. (1994) Reactions of cat second auditory cortex neurons to sound and nonsound stimulation. Neurophysiology 26:356-364.
  • Volkov I.O., Galazyuk A.V. (1991) Formation of spike response to sound tones in cat auditory neurons: Interaction of excitatory and inhibitory effects. Neuroscience. 43:307-321
  • Volkov I.O., Galazyuk A.V.(1985) Responses of auditory cortex neurons in unanesthetized cats to best - frequency tones. Neurophysiology. 17:360-367.
  • Volkov I.O., Dembnovetskii O.F., Galazyuk A.V. (1985) Response of cat auditory cortex neurons to tonal stimulation during and after nembutal anesthesia. Neurophysiology. 17:517-524.

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