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Use of Your Body in Research and Education

• The majority of bodies that come to the Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology will be used for the teaching of anatomy (body structure) to medical students.

• We may use your body to train interns and residents undergoing special surgery training.

• We may send your body to institutions within the University consortium if, and only if, the institution’s purpose, facilities and personnel have been approved by the Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology.

• We may use your body for research that investigates human structure, disease or novel medical procedures.

• In every case, the body is returned to Northeast Ohio Medical University for final disposition. Survivors should understand that the donor’s cremated remains may not be returned for a period of up to two years after donation.

• Since we do not conduct autopsies, no records of pathological findings are kept.

• We recognize that circumstances may require other agencies to perform an autopsy to investigate a donor’s illness or death. However, if an autopsy is performed, Northeast Ohio Medical University cannot accept the body. The survivors are responsible for making other arrangements for disposition at their expense.