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Dana Whittlesey

Dana Whittlesey, Office of Student Affairs - Ignited by: The NEOMED Family
Ignited by: The NEOMED Family

HR Assistant, Office of Human Resources


Q: What do you like most about working at Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED)?

A: The University has a lot to offer employees in regard to job advancement, health benefits, employee and student activities and events, and additional retirement investment options. In addition, the University is expanding and providing growth that Portage County and Northeast Ohio need to stay economically competitive and sound. That growth will help the students provide quality health care to the residents of this part of Ohio and around the country.

Q: What makes NEOMED unique?

A: The campus is small enough that employees and students are able to know one another on a personal level. Students’ needs are more personalized and with that, those needs can be met more readily; they are not considered a number or statistic.

Q: What makes your department successful?

A: The teamwork and camaraderie. All staff in our department has the same goal in mind regarding employee recruitment and retention and fostering their success through professional and personal training and development. All of us in the Human Resource Office share the same vision of encouraging and supporting our faculty and staff through professional growth and development opportunities.

Q: What has been your most memorable experience at NEOMED?

A: My most memorable moment so far has been sharing the excitement with students during the residency match and commencement.

Q: The University's mission focuses on education, research and service. Which of those attributes do you most relate to and why?

A: I relate to all three. I worked in healthcare for 17 years prior to joining the NEOMED family so I have seen what good health care, research and service has done for patient satisfaction and optimizing their own health. Education is important on both a personal level for the student as well as a global and economical one. Research is important in order to maintain the knowledge health care professionals need to care for the sick and/or dying. Health care service to the public is important to continue the patients’ care and quality of life.

Q: What ignites you?

A: Being a part of the NEOMED family and being involved in all that needs to be done to make our students and this University successful.