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As the University celebrates 40 years of health professions education, research and service to Northeast Ohio, and I prepare to enter the fifth year of my presidency, I continue to be humbled by the caliber of people who work here, the quality of our programs, the breadth of our partnerships, and the strength of our region.

The first 40 years of the University have been a feat of strength, endurance and success. When the College of Medicine was established, pioneering faculty and students endeavored to build a bold, innovative educational entity. In the beginning, our University modeled a new way of delivering health care education in collaboration with area hospitals and other community resources, and impressed the medical community with the introduction of one of the first standardized testing centers for physicians in the United States. In more recent years, the University expanded its educational offering to include a College of Pharmacy and College of Graduate Studies, changed its name and added new university partners. NEOMED is finding ways to create innovative health workforce solutions by integrating interprofessional education models, enhancing diversity in the workforce, focusing on pipeline initiatives that are new to health care education and critical for the future delivery of patient care in all health professions. And NEOMED also focused and grew its research enterprise, attracting new talent, making innovative breakthroughs and increasing research dollars.

I have recently had the opportunity to provide tours to many individuals from the region. They see the physical progress of the campus construction, read stories about us in the media and want to learn more about what is happening at NEOMED. Many have lived in the area their entire lives and never quite understood the work that was taking place here. After one quick tour, the value of our enterprise is evident and they are impressed beyond measure.

Thank you all for helping us to make the past 40 years so successful and for helping us to build toward a future filled with endless possibilities!

Jay A. Gershen, D.D.S., Ph.D.